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Boxed Water: It’s about time!

Boxed Water Is Better

Last weekend Dennis and I transported his massive shoe painting (you seriously need to click on that) to it’s new home in Ben’s loft.  After the delivery I couldn’t help but notice the sun lighting up this stark white container simply stating, “Boxed Water is better for the Earth.”

“What is this?” you ask.  “Bottled water in a box?”  Nope.  It’s boxed water, and it’s brilliant!  With 90% of the container coming from renewable resources and 20% of their profits reinvested in clean water and sustainable forestation initiatives, it seems like they’re living up to their claim).  Boxed Water is a much needed breath of fresh air in a world littered with plastic bottles saying the same thing the same way (i.e. Mountains and rivers on clear plastic containers that will exist long after we’ve turned to dust).  A great piece of design.  Did I mention they’re out of Grand Rapids.  Could it get any better?

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  1. This is absolutely amazing. Everything should be like this, for instance the gallon milk jugs we use, should be boxed gallon containers as well. They are definetly on to something great here and I hope this spreads. Here a site with some gnarly statistics:

  2. Dennis, you are so talented, I love the work!
    And those water cartons are great, similar to what brand image is doing:

  3. I know that tap water is even better for the Earth, but I am curious to see how the boxed water stacks up against refillable glass.

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