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4X8 Project

We recently kicked off our industrial design unit and after touring Cameron VanDyke’s studio we launched “The 4X8 Project,” a two month design challenge to make something from a single piece of 4X8 that solves a functional or aesthetic problem, that assembles using no hardware, and can easily be cut using a computer numerical control (CNC) machine.

After brainstorming we got down to the business of sketching.

One of my favorite thing about this project is that it forced us to rapidly prototype everything…pretty early in the process. Sketches are an excellent way of conveying ideas but when dealing with the structural integrity it’s best to let gravity point out areas in need of work instead of just theorizing about it. From there students went on to refine their design.

The above prototype was made by Tom. He estimated he could construct two units out of one 4X8 with minimal waste as a byproduct. A great solution.

It always amazes me how so many different solutions can be birthed out of the same design problem. Chicken coops. Shelves. Stools. Games. Shoes. Chairs. Tables. Table/Chair Combos. Etc.

A condensed list of student and leader submissions can be found on this month’s tee. We highly suggest you acquaint yourself with it. ;)



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