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Color with Chuck Anderson

Chuck Anderson’s client list reads like a who’s who of international brands.

Microsoft. Burton. Lupe Fiasco. Reebok. Chicago Marathon. Target. Under Armour. Kaskade. Vans. Mountain Dew. The list goes on.

But it didn’t start there.

Taking full advantage of an extensive high school art program he was ready when community connections opened doors to start designing flyers for clubs he wasn’t old enough to get in to. He continued to gather steam and started NoPattern when he was just 17. Eventually the time came to graduate high school he chose (with his parent’s blessing) to forgo college to pursue the profession full time.

This past month we were lucky to have Chuck join us for a frank conversation on hard work, color, and experimentation. For this particular workshop the things said in Room 220 are best kept private but we’ll boil down a few of the main things we learned during our time together:

  • Network — get your name out there! — send lots and lots of e-mails to magazines, publications, blogs, companies whose work you like, and whose work yours would work well with.
  • Get Involved — the world is a web and the the more connected you are the easier you are to find.
  • Be bold.
  • Persistence pays off.
  • Be kind of annoying, but not that annoying
This Month’s Artist Tee
Many thanks to Chuck for sharing his story with us at the workshop and for designing this month’s tee (seen at left) which you can snag here.

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