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Figure Drawing

Drawing upon inspiration from our last session with Chris Mrozik, we put our pencils to paper and our eyes on each other to experiment with blind contour and figure drawing.

We sketched out the person sitting across the table from us using blind contour. It was a test of relinquishing control, practicing patience, and maybe a bit on looking someone in the eyes for an extended period of time.

After warming up with the faces, we moved onto blind contours of figures, using our very own Ambrose-goers as models.

We decided that blind contour works best from the inside out — concentrate on where the hips, shoulders, and ribs would be, and add everything else on top of that. Using a skeleton and our helpful volunteer models, we were able to work that out.

By the end of the session, we got comfortable with blind contour as a means to experiment with drawing — our theme for October. Although, I can’t say the models didn’t go home a little sore…

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