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Typography Mural

How would you answer the question, “what do you value?”

Well, Ambrose would, and did, answer it with typography mural full of phrases and words that mean something to us. In the first week we started with a brainstorming session that went something like this:

We discovered a trend through everyone’s values: a positive, gutsy, no-tomorrow life is one worth living.

From there we designed typographic expressions of our ideas and sketched them onto our blank slate — a wall.

The decision on what color to use is one worth mentioning. Everyone had a different swatch they were passionate about, much like the diverging and converging values we mapped out on Week 1 of the project. The lime green, grape juice purple, lemon yellow, and fresh peach are all testaments to the diversity of the Ambrose community.

Just like our values, the mural will be ever-evolving. Layers of typography will show the progression of Ambrose throughout the year.

With inspiration from Drew Melton we created a map of our values through typography, and learned about mural making and how to express the many facets of ourselves through this media.



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